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Michael Perez (left) and Kelsey Ofenstein (right)

The Tangler
(2014) or (A 55th Anniversary Tribute to The Tingler) is a short comedy-horror film. It is a parody of William Castle's The Tingler (1959) starring Vincent Price . The film was written, directed and produced by Dylan Michael Fishburn and stars Michael Perez, Kelsey Ofenstein, Emily Sue Dawson, Garrick Sather and Justin Wheeler. A sequel was planned for filming in early 2015 but was put on hiatus due to low viewership online. It's first public screening was held on May 7, 2015; five months after it was released online.

Running Time: 11 Minutes

Release Date: December 14, 2014

Views: 274 (As of May 10, 2015) 


Dr. Warren Chapin (Michael Perez) is a research scientist who, by killing his wife Isabelle (Emily Sue Dawson), is able to prove that a demonically-possessed transvestite grows on the spine if a human does not scream.


Dr. Warren Chapin- Michael Perez

Sandra- Kelsey Ofenstein

Isabelle Chapin- Emily Sue Dawson

The Tangler- Garrick Sather

The Mistress- Justin Wheeler (cameo)


After the release of The Tangler it was announced that there would be a sequel entitled The Tangler 2 in which Dr. Chapin makes it known to the public about the consequences of not screaming. The project has since been put on hiatus due to low viewship online. It was announced that Michael Perez's character could make a cameo in a November the Third sequel.   

The Tangler (55th Anniversary Tribute to The Tingler) Short Film

The Tangler (55th Anniversary Tribute to The Tingler) Short Film

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