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Cameron Headrick (left) Kelsey Ofenstein (center) Zachary Hacker (right)

November the Third
(2014), later titled The Wright Family Chronicles: November the Third, is a short comedy-drama film written and produced by Dylan Michael Fishburn and directed by Dylan Michael Fishburn and Sunny Xiang and stars Kelsey Ofenstein, Zachary Hacker, Barbara Perez-Albert, Matt Medeiros, Cameron Headrick, Chervonne Williams and Jessie Rankin. It is the first full short film produced by D.Fish Productions. The film was screened in May 2014. Two sequels will be shot back to back. The first sequel, The Last Will and Testament of Ed Wright, will be released October 16, 2015. The second untitled sequel will be released December 11, 2015. 

Running Time: 10 Minutes

Release Date: November 3, 2014

Views: 3,274 (As of May 10, 2015) 


Melody (Kelsey Ofenstein) arrives home to her parents (Zachary Hacker, Barbara Perez-Albet) who put on their own holiday every year for their immediate family to gather together. When the trouble child Madeline (Jessie Rankin) arrives to cause chaos, the family is effected with drastic consequences.


Melody- Kelsey Ofenstein

Ed- Zachary Hacker

Tanya- Barbara Perez-Albert

Ted- Matt Medeiros

Jeff- Cameron Headrick

Madeline- Jessie Rankin

Amanda- Chervonne Williams


Two sequels have been confirmed. They will be shot back to back. The first sequel, which will focus on the characters of Madeline and Jeff, will be released on October 16, 2015. The second sequel, which will be Christmas themed, will be released December 11, 2015

DVD ReleaseEdit

A DVD is planned to be released on Amazon in December featuring November the Third and its upcoming sequels. 

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